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The four elements

Date(s) : Le lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi
- 27, 28, 29, 30 août 2018

Horaire : De 09h30 - 12h30

Lieu : Salle Brel à LLN --- Plans des auditoires de Louvain-la-Neuve

Prix : 70 €

Code d'activité : 3724

Formateur : Kathleen Jago

Comment s'inscrire ? Description :

The four classical elements 'earth, water, fire and air' appear in many philosophies and traditions around the world. In Europe, they were conceived by the ancient Greek philosophers and the idea that everything was made up of these elements was the cornerstone of philosophy, science and medicine for 2 000 years. Travelling through centuries and continents will enable us to discover more information associated with these four elements, or maybe five ? Texts, maps and tables will provide enough subject matter for exchanging ideas and extending vocabulary and grammar.

Level : pré-intermédiaire (A2.1 attained)