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The Bible as Literature

Date(s) : Le Jeudi
- 5,12,19,26 octobre 2017
- 9,16,23,30 novembre 2017
- 7,14 décembre 2017

Horaire : De 09h30 - 11h00

Lieu : Salle RVB à BXL --- Plans des auditoires de Bruxelles

Prix : 87 €

Code d'activité : 2188

Formateur : D'andre D

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The Bible is the central text of the western world. Therefore, a general knowledge of the Bible is essential for understanding many aspects of Judeo Christian culture, not only its religion, but its art, literature, theatre, films, and music. This course will examine the principal stories of the biblical text beginning with the creation stories in the book of Genesis. All the stories discussed will be treated as works of literature and analyzed for their multiple layers of meaning and how those have shaped our understanding of the world.